WealthChat Ep. 17: AI/ML, Data, VR, Robots & The Future

In this episode Lubna speaks with Ebrahim Bagheri & Naimul Khan, both professors at Toronto Metropolitan University. They speak about AI language models, robots, VR, and the progress that’s been made in a relatively short amount of time. They also discuss the implications of bias data being used to train language models and how the industry can improve the practices currently being employed. Ethics is an important topic of discussion when it comes to these types of technologies, Ebrahim leads a technology ethics lab and he shares his insights and best practices being taught to students. Naimul shared his insights when it comes to VR technologies and social media, and how we can effectively utilize these technologies. How can we ethically have technology advancements? What are the systematic issues that cause gender biases in search engine results and how can this be resolved? What is VR immersion and what are the consequences of it?

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